Words that people don’t use(for no reason)

August 28, 2010

One of the interesting features of English is how words can be modified. For example, the inventors of English, realizing that women and men were essentially the same thing, save for women having more “wo”(which is presumable olde speake for “X chromosome”) set up the language with a common root. The problem is that people sometimes forget other uses of the root, resulting in some uncommon but perfectly usable phrases such as:


Derived from:recline

Definition:To move one’s seat to a more vertical position, “Could you please uncline your seat a little?”

thawing cold

Derived from:freezing cold

Definition:Used as hyperbole to express a temperature warmer than “freezing cold”, but still very cold, “this swimming pool is thawing cold!”

See also:boiling hot,carbon-dioxide-sublimating-at-1-atmosphere-of-pressure cold


Derived from:awesome

Definition:Inspiring no awe, utterly mundane “I find your refrigerator drawing aweless”


Derived from:skillfully

Definition:With no talent or ability, “After skilllessly soldering the wires, Jonathan caused an electrical fire”

Super rosa

Derived from:sub rosa


1.Completely transparent, without secrecy, “it is recommended that the election proceedings be held super rosa”

2.Literally above a rose, “the frisbee traveled super rosa”

nom om

Derived from:om nom(yes, this is technically slang, but that doesn’t make it not a phrase)


To spit out or throw up, “I ate the ham and was like ‘om nom nom’, but then it was extremely salty so I was like ‘nom om om

Synonym:mon mo


Derived from:defamation

Defintion:Making a false claim about someone to promote a positive image, “I believe that the reports of your sexual prowess are mostly famation”

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